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Author David Slone supports APDA

Writing to Heal: A Personal Journey

David Slone was the only survivor of a helicopter crash in the Vietnam War. He is battling PTSD, early onset Parkinson Disease and a rare eye disease that has left him legally blind. Through it all his writing has been a means to work through life's travails. David is the author of Rose Beach, set in the Plum Beach neighborhood of Saunderstown. His newest book, A Man Left Behind, is to be previewed this month. 

His book: Rose Beach

Rose Beach is the story of Helen (Helly) and Zeke Barton who return to Rose Beach for a final summer with the intent of selling their cottage and moving to Florida. Zeke is battling Parkinson Disease and Helen is faced with managing his physical and emotional decline. She seeks a way to bring her family together at the same time she and Zeke disclose their own secrets to each other. David will donate all profits from the sale of his books through October to the American Parkinson Disease Association. The books are available on both in digital and in printed form.

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